About us


Everything started during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most flight simmers were at home and wanting to connect with others who shared their passion for aviation. Our discord channel was born out of a need for a common community access point that allowed us to stay connected. Through X-Plane multiplayer we began to meet nearly daily to pass the time. Soon the friendships were born and it gave rise to Bush League Legends virtual airline and bush club. As we approach the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator our plans are in full gear to fly around the globe and tackle some of the most challenging areas in the world.


Jeremy (aka Jer)

A flight simming enthusiast for over 15 years. Jer has traveled much of the world backpacking and teaching abroad, and is excited to see the far flung places of the world difficult to get to by conventional means. Like many simmers, Jer is interested in the educational component of flying and is aspiring to earn his PPL.

Dave (aka Hutch)

Based out of South Valley Regional (KU42), Hutch found his love for all things flying after he watched the Space Shuttle Discovery tour the United States. Since then he's soaked up everything possible on flight and space which ultimately put him in touch with the boys from Bush League Legends.

MATT (aka SuperKickMe)

Growing up as an avid gamer with a love for travel, it was only a matter of time before the Flight Sim world would become a new passion. While new to Flight Sim, Matt is now looking forward to building upon his excitement through education in all areas of aviation.

Through streaming, Matt is hoping that he and the Bush League Legends crew can help bring enthusiasts of all levels together for a common purpose. Education, a sense of community and most of all, a WHOLE lot of fun.


A former airline captain and CubCrafters fanatic. Experience on the Q400, B1900D, PC-12, C208B, PA-30, C172, and C170 on floats. Carbon has already tackled an around the world flight in X-Plane 11 and has joined forces with members of the Bush League Legends. We're going to push our aircraft and ourselves to the limit while we discover the best airstrips the world has to offer in the CubCrafters X-Cub using Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is going to be fun!