The Journey

MSFS UPDATE: Due to the new World Update 2. We will be recompiling many of our sceneries over the coming days. If you see version 2.0 or higher that is an indication that it is compatible.

All current liveries and MODs listed on our site are confirmed working with the latest update.

XCub Performance+ v1.7.9

Version 1.7.9 of the XCub PERFORMANCE+ MOD was designed to better replicate the performance of the CubCrafters XCub. We are trying to keep it as close to factory specification with the information we can gather from various sources. It also has further functionality added when paired with the Working Title GX MOD. There are two versions available. The standard 180HP and the 215HP variant. Designed by CarbonProp and lighting by AzOutback. Download from the addons section.

Barra (EGPR)

Update v1.3 has just been uploaded as of November 21, 2020
Barra airport is located on the north tip of the Isle of Barra in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. The airport itself is based within a shallow tidal bay on the island, and is unique in that it is the only airport in the world with scheduled flights from a tidal beach. Opened in 1936 it is frequently serviced by DH Twin Otters, transporting around 10,000 passengers every year to and from the island. Designed by Shepbur. Download from the addons section.


We now have a place to make formal requests or report issues with mods, liveries and everything else. You can find it under the addons menu when needed. This will help us have a more organized approach to tackling community requests. Thank you again for your support of the Bush League Legends Community! Head over to the requests page.

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Lundy (EGZV)

Lundy is a small island found in the middle of the Bristol channel, the island attracts large numbers of tourists due to it's wildlife, becoming Britain's first marine conservation zone. Access to the island is normally by boat, however there is a small 450m runway on the island near the old lighthouse which is serviced by helicopters in the winter. Designed by Shepbur. Download now from our addons section!

SBF Scenery Updates

The following sceneries have patches applied to correct windsock display issues. STOL-it, Thomas Creek, Burnt Ridge, Cabin Creek, Marble Creek, Mackay Bar, Freedom Strip, SBF Field, Wilson Bar. You can grab the new versions from the addons section.

United Kingdom Love

We have 3 incredible new airstrips designed by Shebur. Wick, Isle of Bute and Gruinard Beach (fictional). They're so great we will be incorporating them into Day 14 of "The Journey". Guinard Beach v1.1 updated October 21, 2020. Download them now from the addons section.

Working title GX v0.1.0

Developer version 3 0.1.0 of the Working Title mod for the Garmin GX series has been released. All future updates will be maintained on the Working Title github. We will continue to link from our website as it is an essential addon for the XCub. Get the download link in our addons section.

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VFR flying has been incredibly difficult to successfully replicate in any sim, up until now. With Microsoft Flight Simulator, everything will change. With four core members varying in flight experience, and a former airline captain to lead us, we are aiming to, as realistically as possible, fly around the world in our CubCrafters XCub. Our intention is to both learn and teach as much as possible, see some amazing sights, improve our flying and communication skills, entertain 1000s of people along the way and hopefully have others join in on flights where they can. With realism being paramount, we would LOVE for passionate aviators to join us when we are in their physical area. This is all about the community. We envision the journey to be very much interactive! Follow along on any of our social media pages for upcoming information about the destinations, timing and other important information.