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DAy 182 - Dangerous visions

Today is an exploration day. Not about distance covered, but places seen. We'll end our flight in Wabo, PNG. Wabo is a rural village located in the heart of Papua New Guinea, celebrated for its serene natural beauty and unique cultural experiences. Nestled amidst lush landscapes, visitors can immerse themselves in the traditional way of life, witnessing intricate tribal customs, dances, and crafts. The area is surrounded by striking vistas, including mountain ranges and rivers, offering opportunities for hiking, bird watching, and river exploration. The local markets allow visitors to engage with the vibrant community and acquire authentic handmade souvenirs. Wabo's charm lies in its authenticity and tranquil surroundings, making it an ideal destination for those seeking an immersive cultural adventure and a chance to connect with Papua New Guinea's rich heritage.

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Welcome to Bush League Airlines

A massive amount of work done by several Bush League members to get our new airline up and running. Sign up today!


The XCub variants and Performance+ mod have all been updated. (August 29,2021) 

Critical updates to the electrical system, engine and other miscellaneous items.

Download the updates now!


Legends XCub Pack A v2.7

Legends XCub Pack B v1.6

Chunky Pack v1.3

Signature X Pack v1.8

New update for August 7, 2020. A fairly simple update that patches some config files with generic fallback textures. This should remove any pink textures you may have seen previously.

Download the liveries today in our downloads area.

Good Hope Cannery (BC07)

A great spot to add to your BC adventure list. The Good Hope Cannery lives in a small inlet and has access to Sandell Lake just east of the waterdrome. Designed by CarbonProp. Download from the scenery section.

Stuart Island (CYCM) UPDATE

A long overdue update to fix terrain and texture issues. You can download version 2.2 from our addons section.