The Journey

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XCub Checklists

Charlie Foxtrot has surprised us with brand new XCub checklists. These are a long sought after addon and we are grateful for his work. Download them now from our addons section.

Day 32 - MORE Mauritania

Next up Moudjeria in Mauritania. Moudjeria is a town and commune in the Tagant Region of southern-central Mauritania, founded in 1934 as an administrative post by the French. We will be visiting the Richat structure enroute. So get your cameras ready. Watch live on Twitch and join in the adventure on Discord.


Version 1.1 of our custom XCubs are now available for download. 4 variants currently and more will be released in the coming weeks. These are stand alone aircraft and have the PERFORMANCE+ MOD pre applied. Created by CarbonProp and exclusive to Bush League Legends. Download it from the addons section.


Version 2.4.2 of our XCub livery pack is now available for download. Introducing the Africub by Merlin. It comes at a perfect time while we explore the African Continent on 'The Journey'. Download it from the addons section.

Tsuniah Lake Lodge v2.3

Version 2.3 includes brand new custom racing gates and pylons. Also includes new racing course on the north end of the lake with a start and finish gate. Added new custom field cones that have a longer draw distance for the STOL area. Airport and custom models designed by CarbonProp. Download from the addons section.

The BLL Buddies

This MOD adds 6 new pilot outfit variations. A first of it's kind. Like action figures for your sim! Brought to you by twoseventyinc. Download from the addons section.

Castell de Castells (LECS)

A municipality high in the mountains of the Marina Alta on the Costa Blanca in southeastern Spain. Five kilometres outside the village in the area known as Pla de Petracos are ancient cave paintings said to have been painted over 5000 years ago. Caves at the archaeological site have a viewing platform, and the paintings are explained on six interpretive panels. Download now from the addons section.


Deadcow Lakebed is a dry lakebed in Nevada - best known for the High Sierra Fly-In which occurs each year in the summer, where bush pilots from across the country gather to STOL, STOLDRAG and have fun! HSDCL includes all 3 runways used, including the twin strips and markers for STOLDRAG, alongside 200m of STOL markings on the main SR runway. If you're staying overnight, why not park up beside some of the other visitors and enjoy the evening next to a campfire? Download from the addons section.

XCub Performance+ v1.8.2

Version 1.8.2 of the XCub PERFORMANCE+ MOD was designed to better replicate the performance of the CubCrafters XCub. We are trying to keep it as close to factory specification with the information we can gather from various sources. It also has further functionality added when paired with the Working Title GX MOD. There are two versions available. The standard 180HP and the 215HP variant. Designed by CarbonProp and lighting by AzOutback. Download from the addons section.
Second patch issued on Dec 5, 2020 for autopilot trim at high speed.

Strawberry Ridge (STBRD)

A first release of Strawberry Ridge by Ekim. Located in the hills near Little Switzerland in North Carolina. This is picturesque up-sloped runway surrounded by rolling his is a great starting point to your cross country adventures. Download now from the addons section.

Altisurface D'aleu - (LFSQ)

Altisurface d'Aleu is located in the Pyrenees mountain range near the boarder with Spain. A nice upslope on a mountain top. Great views all around. Download now from our addons section.