The Journey

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DAy 87 - Skip hop and a jump

We'll be off to Helsinki today. Be sure to have your safety gear ready as there is a small water crossing. Should be a relaxed flight as long as the weather conditions hold. Helsinki is the capital, and most populous city of Finland. They has one of the world's highest standards of urban living.

Join in on Discord and watch our live stream on Twitch.


The XCub variants and Performance+ mod have all been updated. (August 29,2021)

Critical updates to the electrical system, engine and other miscellaneous items.

Download the updates now!


Legends XCub Pack A v2.7

Legends XCub Pack B v1.6

Chunky Pack v1.3

Signature X Pack v1.8

New update for August 7, 2020. A fairly simple update that patches some config files with generic fallback textures. This should remove any pink textures you may have seen previously.

Download the liveries today in our downloads area.

Chunky Livery Pack

Today (June 19, 2020) we are adding a new livery pack developed by @ChunkyFlyer. He's designed an additional 24 new awesome liveries for you to enjoy while doing solo flying or on multiplayer during 'The Journey'. Download now from the addons section.

Good Hope Cannery (BC07)

A great spot to add to your BC adventure list. The Good Hope Cannery lives in a small inlet and has access to Sandell Lake just east of the waterdrome. Designed by CarbonProp. Download from the scenery section.


New version 1.8.78 of the PERFORMANCE+MOD for April 17, 2021. Minor update this week.

A potential issue with Aileron Delta may cause inverted controls for some. This has been fixed.

Download it now from the addons section.

Stuart Island (CYCM) UPDATE

A long overdue update to fix terrain and texture issues. You can download version 2.2 from our addons section.

Updated Merch Store

Check out our new additions to the BLL merchandise. Hats, hats and more hats! Everything earned goes back into the community!