Planned route

While not an exhaustive list of our stops. These pages will provide some insight on the start and end points of each section of the journey. This may change frequently as interesting areas are discovered or external factors force us in a different direction.

210.Sendai (RJSS)

Another scenic day of exploration. We won't make it as far north as expected on this flight. Our destination will be Sendai, Japan. Sendai, located in Miyagi Prefecture in northeastern Japan, is a vibrant city known for its blend of modernity, natural beauty, and rich cultural heritage. The city hosts the annual Tanabata Matsuri, one of Japan's most famous festivals, attracting millions of visitors each year.

Route: RJTT(Fuel) - RJT1 - RJSF - RJFH - RJSS

211.Ominato (RJSO)

We're getting one day closer to the end of Japan. On todays flight we will head out to the west coast for some new views. The flight ends at the last airstrip before the cross over to Sapporo. Mutsu, located in Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan, is a city renowned for its stunning natural landscapes and historical significance. The city is surrounded by picturesque coastlines, offering opportunities for scenic walks, beachcombing, and enjoying breathtaking sunsets. Mutsu offers visitors a tranquil and enriching experience in Japan's northern region.


212.Nishi-Memambetsu (RJCM)

It's our final flight in Japan today as we make it close to the very end of the northern island of Hokkaido, Japan. Our final leg takes us to Nishi-Memambetsu a city known for its beautiful natural landscapes and unique attractions. The town hosts the Okhotsk Sea Ice Festival during the winter months, featuring ice sculptures, traditional performances, and local delicacies.



We made a longer flight than expected on day 212. The crew had a little extra energy to finish at Nishi-Memambetsu. Today although the flight is shorter we will be landing at a fairly remote area on the Russian island of Iturup. Iturup, the largest island in the southern Kuril Islands chain, is part of the Sakhalin Oblast of Russia. The island boasts picturesque landscapes, including volcanic peaks, lush forests, and pristine beaches, making it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

Route: RJCM (Fuel) - RJCN - UHSM - UHSB - UHSI

214.Zavariski Caldera (USZC)

Zavaritski Caldera, located in the Kamchatka Peninsula in eastern Russia, is a geologically significant site known for its stunning volcanic landscapes and unique features. Formed by the collapse of a volcanic cone, the caldera offers breathtaking views of its rugged terrain, with steep cliffs, jagged peaks, and volcanic craters dotting the landscape. Visitors can explore the caldera's dramatic scenery, hike along its trails, and witness the raw power of nature in action. The area is also home to abundant wildlife, including brown bears, foxes, and various bird species, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers. Additionally, nearby attractions such as hot springs, geysers, and pristine lakes offer further opportunities for outdoor adventure and relaxation.

Route: UHSI(Fuel) - USZC

215.Paramushir Island (USEU)

After a chilly and very windy stay on the edge of Zavariski Caldera we are continuing our flight further north. Todays flight will take us to Paramushir Island. Paramushir Island, located in the northern part of the Kuril Islands chain in eastern Russia, is a remote and rugged landmass renowned for its volcanic landscapes and rich biodiversity. The island is dominated by a series of volcanic peaks, including the imposing Chikurachki volcano, which rises over 1,800 meters above sea level. Hike along trails that offer breathtaking views of craters, lava fields, and coastal cliffs.

Route: USZC - USEK(Fuel) - USEU

216.Yelizovo (UHPP)

The temperature continues to drop on our journey north. We've headed to Yelizovo in Eastern Russian today. Snow is everywhere covering mountain slopes and frozen waterways. The town is surrounded by dramatic volcanic landscapes, with iconic peaks such as Avachinsky and Koryaksky towering over the skyline.  This area provides access to the region's remote wilderness areas, including the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Kronotsky Nature Reserve and the Valley of Geysers, known for its spectacular geothermal features.

Route: USEU - USEI(Fuel) - UHPP

217.Ust'-Kamchatsk (UHPK)

Today we will be getting to see some spectacular views on our way to Ust'-Kamchatsk, Russia. Ust-Kamchatsk, located in the Kamchatka Krai region of eastern Russia, is a remote coastal town known for its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Situated at the mouth of the Kamchatka River, the town offers breathtaking views of the surrounding volcanic peaks, including Klyuchevskaya Sopka, the highest volcano in Eurasia. Visitors to Ust-Kamchatsk can explore the nearby Kurile Lake, a pristine wilderness area known for its abundant wildlife, including brown bears and salmon. The town is also home to indigenous communities, such as the Koryaks and Itelmens, who maintain traditional lifestyles and cultural practices.

Route: UHPP(Fuel) - UYEL - UHPM - UHPO - UHPK

218.Medny Island (UH1X)

Time to start crossing the Bering strait. We're departing Ust-Kamchatsk and making our way two the last two islands in Russian territory. First is Bering island, part of the Commander Islands group in the Bering Sea. Bering Island is known for its dramatic landscapes, diverse wildlife, and historical significance, particularly as the site where the famous explorer Vitus Bering and his crew shipwrecked in 1741. Then finishing our flight at a beach side camping sight on Medny Island. Known for its rugged terrain, diverse wildlife, and unique flora. It is part of the Komandorsky Zapovednik, a protected nature reserve, and is home to various species of seabirds, marine mammals, and terrestrial animals.

Route: UHPK(Fuel) - UHPX - UH1X

219.Eareckson Air Base (PASY)

Eareckson Air Station, located on Shemya Island in the Aleutian Islands chain of Alaska, serves as a strategic outpost for military operations in the region. The island's remote location and harsh climate make it a challenging yet vital base for surveillance, reconnaissance, and communications activities. Eareckson Air Station is equipped with radar installations and other defense systems, supporting the U.S. military's mission in the Arctic and Pacific regions. While access to the base and island is restricted, visitors to the area can appreciate the rugged beauty of the Aleutian Islands, with their dramatic volcanic landscapes and abundant wildlife. Shemya Island is also known for its role in World War II, serving as a refueling stop for aircraft during the Aleutian Islands Campaign. Today, it remains an essential military installation in the region, contributing to national security efforts in the Arctic and beyond.

Route: UH1X - PAAT - PASY

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