Flight Log

Day 124 - MaLacca strait

We continue down the west coast of Malaysia along the shore of the Malacca Strait. Ending up in Penang, Malaysia. We'll be continuing south towards Singapore before our jump across to Sumatra. Island hops and water crossing will become more frequent, so don't forget your swimsuit.

Day 123 - Phuket, we're here

We've made good headway south towards the border with Malaysia. Phuket island is waiting for some weary explorers to spend some cash. Malaysia is on the horizon.

Day 122 - Southbound from Bangkok

Our shift south towards Malaysia has begun. A nice easy flight past Bangkok into Hua Hin. Over the next couple of days we will finally be in Malaysia as we begin the long island hop towards our long awaited tour of Australia.

Day 121 - Last step is a doozy

Always plan ahead. You never know when one of these airstrips will bite you in the butt. Ko Chang Tai airport was unexpectedly short. In turn it left a couple of our pilots in the bushes with some minor dents. We'll be off the make our boomerang shot past Bangkok on day 122 as we get ever closer to Australia.


Each stage of a real world flight needs to be accounted for. From survival gear to tents and food. These items will be a part of the final takeoff weight of each aircraft. Below is a list of equipment each pilot will carry on board. We will attempt to achieve the highest level of realism we can. To cross the North Atlantic there are equipment requirements in Canada and Greenland regulations. Here is a list of some of the items onboard.

Coastal Compact Raft with emergency flares, food and water - 22lbs

Dry Suit - 4lbs

High-mountain protection tent - 10lbs

65L Backpack - 22lbs

Food and Water - 32lbs

Satellite Phone and HF Radio - 3lb

Repair Kit - 7lbs

25 Gallon Fuel Bladder - 11lbs (empty)