The Journey

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Be sure to visit the mods and aircraft pages. They have been updated to add effects and apply fixes to work with SU5 when it hits the store!

DAy 66 - Arabian Nights

We'll be off to Saudi Arabia today in another push for miles. Stopping in a city called Abha, population of over 1 million. It sits 7450 feet above sea level on the Asir Mountains. The climate of Abha is semi-arid and it is influenced by city's high elevation. The city's weather is generally mild throughout the year, becoming noticeably cooler during the "low-sun" season. Abha seldom sees temperatures rise above 35 °C during the course of the year. Join in on Discord and watch our live stream on Twitch.

SPECIAL NOTE: Our summer schedule is in effect. We will be live streaming once a week for the summer months until September. We really want everyone to have opportunity to enjoy the outdoors this year!

Chunky Livery Pack

Today (June 19, 2020) we are adding a new livery pack developed by @ChunkyFlyer. He's designed an additional 24 new awesome liveries for you to enjoy while doing solo flying or on multiplayer during 'The Journey'. Download now from the addons section.


New version 1.8 for April 24, 2021. All variants have the following changes.

Added third LOD level to help with single player and multiplayer performance. Third level model polygon count reduced to 30%.
Fixed glass texture alpha levels for lights.

Changed the drag on the float variant to slow it in cruise.

Download them now from the addons section.


April 23,2021 - Mile-Hi is a favorite in Idaho. Near a handful of back country strips that are all challenging. Update v1.3.1 removes the living world configuration file that inadvertently changes all world traffic. We would highly recommend updating to this new version. Download from the scenery section.

Good Hope Cannery (BC07)

A great spot to add to your BC adventure list. The Good Hope Cannery lives in a small inlet and has access to Sandell Lake just east of the waterdrome. Designed by CarbonProp. Download from the scenery section.


New version 1.8.78 of the PERFORMANCE+MOD for April 17, 2021. Minor update this week.

A potential issue with Aileron Delta may cause inverted controls for some. This has been fixed.

Download it now from the addons section.

Stuart Island (CYCM) UPDATE

A long overdue update to fix terrain and texture issues. You can download version 2.2 from our addons section.


Version 0.3 of TSI Buddies (Previously BLL Buddies) has been updated. Now has 29 available pilots! Download it now from the addons section.

Updated Merch Store

Check out our new additions to the BLL merchandise. Hats, hats and more hats! Everything earned goes back into the community!


Kaosfere was kind enough to spend his evening getting the DEV6 version of the G3X up a and running. There are a couple of missing features that will be back in a later update. Notably map orientation and weather overlay. Download the newest version here.