The Journey

DAy 226 - them hills are high

Instead of heading into the city of Anchorage, I suspected most of you would like to focus on some remote airstrips. We're stopping today in Girdwood. Girdwood is a small, charming town located about 35 miles south of Anchorage, nestled in the scenic Chugach Mountains. Originally named Glacier City, the town was renamed Girdwood after James Girdwood, an Irish immigrant who staked four gold claims in the area in the late 1890s. Girdwood is one of the few places in Alaska that is situated in a coastal temperate rainforest, providing lush, green landscapes. Leg two of the flight will give you some time to rest up before we tackle a large list of airstrips. Depending on weather we may need to work to modify our route in flight.

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The XCub variants and Performance+ mod have all been updated. (August 29,2021) 

Critical updates to the electrical system, engine and other miscellaneous items.

Download the updates now!


Legends XCub Pack A v2.7

Legends XCub Pack B v1.6

Chunky Pack v1.3

Signature X Pack v1.8

New update for August 7, 2020. A fairly simple update that patches some config files with generic fallback textures. This should remove any pink textures you may have seen previously.

Download the liveries today in our downloads area.

Good Hope Cannery (BC07)

A great spot to add to your BC adventure list. The Good Hope Cannery lives in a small inlet and has access to Sandell Lake just east of the waterdrome. Designed by CarbonProp. Download from the scenery section.

Stuart Island (CYCM) UPDATE

A long overdue update to fix terrain and texture issues. You can download version 2.2 from our addons section.