Canada scenery

British Columbia

⚓- Excellent for float planes | 💥- Challenging

Alexis Creek Ranch (BC06)

Located in beautiful British Columbia, this field is definitely not your average homestead. This ranch boasts more than 250,000 acres of ranch land. A 4900 ft runway and a heated hangar. Excellent for business jets and back country planes alike. Designed by CarbonProp. Download v1.1

v1.1 Adds a windsock near the hangar and corrects runway start points.

Installation requires several of Dave's (Badmed) Libraries.
Dave's Crooked Library

Dave's 3D People Library

Dave's Seaplane Base Object Library

Dave's 3D Animals Library

Chilko Lake Wilderness Ranch (BC03)

Challenging high altitude airstrip near Chilko Lake. Designed by Bush League Legends member CarbonProp. Download v2.0

Version 2.0 updated to work with World Update 2.


A great spot to add to your BC adventure list. The Good Hope Cannery lives in a small inlet and has access to Sandell Lake just east of the waterdrome. Designed by CarbonProp. Download v1.0

Requires Dave's Crooked Library and Dave's Seaplane Base Library

Homathko River (BC01)⚓💥

Located near the mouth of the Hamathko River. Challenging approaches and sandbars make this area an adventure. Designed by Bush League Legends member Hutch. Download v2.0

Version 2.0 updated to work with World Update 2.

Middle Lake (POI)⚓💥

This is a point of interest (POI) in the BC interior. The closest airstrips to get access are Chilanko Lodge (CBX3) or Scar Creek (CBA7). Or start your flight at the Middle Lake POI. The lake is crystal blue glacier water with two very narrow beaches. These are definitely very challenging spots to land. So plan carefully. Designed by CarbonProp. Download v2.0

Version 2.0 updated to work with World Update 2. Added a POI marker.

Moh Creek (BC02)💥

Moh Creek is overgrown and may not be advisable to land on. Use at your own risk! Designed by Bush League Legends member CarbonProp. Download v2.1

Version 2.1 (April 15, 2020) Revamped textures and surrounding trees.

Stuart Island (CYCM)⚓

Located near Quatum river and Moh Creek. It's a great launching point for your backcountry adventures in British Columbia. Designed by Bush League Legends member CarbonProp. Download v2.2

Version 2.2 (April 14, 2020) Revamped textures and surrounding trees.

Tsuniah Lake Lodge (CAF4)⚓

Come enjoy a getaway at Tsuniah Lake Lodge in beautiful British Columbia. A strip long enough for a corporate jet and set up for STOL practice, air races and a speed course! Designed by CarbonProp. Download v2.3

Version 2.3 includes brand new custom racing gates and pylons. Also includes new racing course on the north end of the lake with a start and finish gate. Added new custom field cones that have a longer draw distance for the STOL area.

North Tsuniah Lake (BC05)

A small community at the north of Tsuniah Lake with an airstrip that could use some care. Not much to see here. But a great place to stop while out exploring the backcountry. Designed by CarbonProp. Download v2.0

Version 2.0 updated to work with World Update 2.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Goose Bay Airport (CYYR)

The jumping point for our trans Atlantic flight. Goose Bay is a Canadian Forces Base located in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The airfield at CFB Goose Bay is also used by civilian aircraft, with civilian operations at the base referring to the facility as Goose Bay Airport. This is a patch for some aspects of the surrounding area. Includes some terrain fixes and adds scenery elements. Created by Bush League Legends Member CarbonProp. Download v2.0

Version 2.0 updated to work with World Update 2.

Pine Tree Lodge (NL01)

This is a fictional airstrip just northwest of Stephenville (CYJT). It will be a nice spot for our pilots to rest and relax before heading further north. Designed by CarbonProp. Download v2.0

Version 2.0 updated to work with World Update 2.

Stephenville (CYJT)

The town functions as a local service center for the southwestern part of the island, serving a direct population of 35,000 people from surrounding areas and over 100,000 people along the entire southwestern coast of the island. The primary employer in the town was a paper mill, which closed in 2005. This version cleans up some building and removes a runway that is no longer active. Download v2.0

Version 2.0 updated to work with World Update 2.

Northwest Territories

Wrigley (cywy)

Wrigley airport is an airport build to sustain the Wrigley community which used to be located 16 km downstream of the Mackenzie river originally situated at Fort Wrigley the community relocated to its present location in 1965 in part because it was more easily accessible due to the World War II era and Wrigley Airport was built for the Canol Project the construction of the Canol pipeline and road from Whitehorse, Yukon to Norman Wells, Northwest Territories which made life easier for them with a runway right next to the community the pipeline no longer exists but it ran from Norman Wells, Northwestern Territories all the way to Alaska Designed by Smallzz. Download v1.0

Nova Scotia

Atlantic School of Skydiving (NS01)

Located near Maitland Nova Scotia, the Atlantic School of Skydiving has a private strip to launch thrill seekers into the sky. A wide turf area can be deceiving as the runway slopes down to the center from each end. There is also a drainage ditch that could make for a bad day. Centerline control is a must! Designed by Bush League Legends member CarbonProp. Download v2.0

Version 2.0 updated to work with World update 2. Recompiled and changed some terraforming information.

Clementsport (CCB6)

Clementsport is a community in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, located in Annapolis County. It is on the southern shore of the Annapolis Basin. The decline of wooden shipbuilding led to the decline of the town, and none of the structures that were built over the river remain. More recent economic decline in the region has led to the closure of several local businesses, including a gas station, convenience stores, a pizzeria, art galleries, and a bed and breakfast. Designed by Bush League Legends member CarbonProp. Download v2.0

Version 2.0 updated to work with World Update 2.

Hillaton-kings (CHL2)

Where CarbonProp does all of his testing. Why here? Well this is the area he grew up in and knows very well. Hillaton-Kings Aerodrome has both a paved East/West runway and a grass North/South runway. Great views. Lots to discover in Nova Scotia. Download v2.0

Version 2.0 updated to work with World Update 2.


The Dawson Overland Trail

You need to know two things if you happen to be flying into Braeburn Airport. First, the relatively small and somewhat unkempt grass airstrip is just 914m long, so don't bring your jet. Second, and perhaps more importantly, you can ingratiate yourself with any of the locals listening on UNICOM by referring to it as "Cinnamon Bun Airstrip."

Before I explain, let's go back a few hundred years.

For a very long while the quickest way to get from Whitehorse to Dawson City was by boat following a supply route along the Yukon River for 533km.

If you happened to take that journey, you’d find the halfway point to be a welcome stopover: the warm and festive Braeburn Lodge.

Boats of all shapes and sizes plied the waters on the Yukon during the summer months, stopping off at the Brae, but once winter set in and the river froze, only experienced mushers and dog teams dared the journey. They could only carry a small fraction of the supplies of those vessels, and so life in the territory became governed by whether the river was open or frozen.

This balance worked even in paucity until the Klondike Gold Rush upset the rules of supply and demand.

Suddenly, a thousand urgent prospectors, and those who prospect upon them, needed more than the river could provide.

By regular passage the Whitehorse-Dawson Overland Trail was quickly carved out of the land. Demand that can't meet supply will find a way.

Fortunately for the lodge, the trail's trail intercepted their location with the river perfectly, and so they continued to meet the needs of weary travelers through to 1914. They were a welcome and warm stopover hallway along a rigorous journey.

Today, it's not the trail but the 708km Klondike Highway that has taken the traffic, running its own route past Braeburn, hitting a trifecta for being right where the traffic happens, up to the Alaska Panhandle.

Yet even now with all those automobiles and trucks, the past is not entirely lost. If you happen to drop in on the original Braeburn Lodge, at a certain time of year, and it doesn't matter if it is via the airport or highway or trail, you may be surprised to find fellow lodging guests whose demeanor harks back to the time the lodge was one of the most important points on the Overland Trail. You see, the lodge has become a crucial checkpoint on the Yukon Quest, a 1600km international sled dog race run between Fairbanks, Alaska and Whitehorse, Yukon. The competitors face some of the world's harshest and most treacherous winter conditions, but it's worse than that: not only is the trail difficult, but the opportunities given for support are strictly limited. Indeed, the originator of the Yukon Quest wanted to create "a race so rugged that only purists would participate." And he did. It is now known as the "most difficult sled dog race in the world."

But what does any of this have to do with a bun made from yeasty dough, the powerful punch of cinnamon, killer calories, and a deluge of icing? It's all about the Braeburn. That same lodge that has served travelers' vital respite for more than two centuries also makes a cinnamon bun reputed to be 9" across. I haven't had it, and I may die if I do, but for those who have slogged over mountains, treacherous ice, across ragged ravines, through freezing weather, and with just a few supplies left before they arrive…well, it could do the opposite and actually save your life.

For the rest of us who prefer flying in rather than slogging overland: if you ever tire of those $100 burgers, stop by for a $100 cinnamon bun instead. Before you leave, you'll be calling Braeburn Airport by its true name: Cinnamon Strip Airstrip.

Braeburn (CEK2)

The Dawson Overland Trail was built During the Klondike Gold Rush of the late 1800s, and for many years before and after, the quickest way to get from Whitehorse to Dawson City, was via the Yukon River. In those days life in the territory was governed by whether the river was open or frozen. During the summer months numerous boats of all shapes and sizes plied the route, but once winter set in and the river froze only experienced mushers and dog teams braved the journey. With Braeburn about half way along the trail, it was an important location to stock up, and refresh before continuing the long journey. Designed by Smallzz. Download v1.0

Old Crow (CYOC)

Old Crow Airport is located in Old Crow, Yukon, Canada on 821ft elevation and is operated by the government. The airport is extremely important to the community, which is not accessible by road. The entire town is about 25 feet off the side of the runway. The main road for the town leads right on to the parking ramp. Designed by Smallzz. Download v1.0

Silver City (CFQ5)

Silver City, a historic mining town, is today only the residence of a small number of people, one household being a bed and breakfast establishment. It is located at historical mile 1053 of the Alaska Highway. It contains an airport, Silver City Airport. Designed by Smallzz. Download v1.0