XCub Performance+ v1.7.9

Version 1.7.9 of the XCub PERFORMANCE+ MOD was designed to better replicate the performance of the CubCrafters XCub. We are trying to keep it as close to factory specification with the information we can gather from various sources. There are two variants available in 180HP and 215HP versions. Flight model and autopilot has also been refined. There is further functionality added when paired with the Working Title GX MOD found below. Designed by CarbonProp, Lights by AzOutback.

NOTE: The XCUB PERFORMANCE+ MOD includes its own custom lighting MOD. It is not compatible with Uwa light MOD for XCub. If you wish to host a copy of the XCUB PERFORMANCE+ MOD please contact us prior to upload. Check the file for the email address.

Install instructions.

Open the downloaded zip file and copy the PERFORMANCE+ folder to the "Community" directory. Only one Performance+ MOD at a time!

Download XCub PERFORMANCE+180 HP v1.7.9 (Released Nov 14, 2020)

Download XCub PERFORMANCE+215 HP v1.7.9 (Released Nov 14, 2020)

NOTE: If you wish to add the long range AUX tank, simply open the flight_model.cfg file. Search for LeftAux. You will see the code required to activate the AUX tank. once changed simply save the file and you're good to go.


Update 1.7.9 Is a minor revision this week. There were some changes made to align with the new livery packs. Also made some changes to the tail wheel and ground maneuvering. There was also a suggestion to modify the rudder elasticity to make ground handling less snappy. Let's see how it feels to everyone!

Update 1.7.8 Has been reworked to get the closest performance to the XCUB yet. Utilizing various sources of data from engine and airplane manuals, video stills, news articles, technical publication and some interpolation. I was able to build 2 variants that perform with engine parameters we believe to be quite accurate. Many engine variables have been modified and tested for this version.

Previous PERFORMANCE+ Updates

Update 1.7.7 is a minor correction to the aircraft title in the aircraft.cfg. It was causing some scenery and bush trips to show incorrectly.

Update 1.7.6 corrects a display issue for non Bush League Legends liveries. This update should fix it.

Update 1.7.5 Based on new engine data and performance numbers this release should feel the most balanced. You should get better overall speed, prop handling, climb performance etc. Modified compression ratio and cylinder displacement. Tuned numbers for oil pressure, oil temperature, fuel flow, CHT and EGT. Modified autopilot performance. It now uses auto trim when active. Went back to the default 80" propeller. Modified beta min and max. Changed prop governing rpm. Set prop back to default PIDs. Added various changes to annunciators.

Update 1.7.2 Fixed a typo in the aircraft.cfg which would cause display issues with some liveries.

Update 1.7.1 After a realization that some data I referred to was for the 215HP Lycoming I've decided to make two variants of the MOD. Starting today you can choose between the standard 180HP carbureted engine or the new 215HP fuel injected version. I've also removed the aux tank as our ocean crossing is now complete. All gear has been moved to cargo storage.

Update 1.7

  • Modified engine display instruments.

  • Added prop overspeed warning.

  • Modified variables for fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temp, CHT and EGT.

  • Modified flap pitch.

  • Starter switch on Honeycomb Alpha should now start the engine correctly.

  • Modified various engine instrument readouts and fuel burns.

  • Changed blade pitch to max 46 Degrees.

  • Changed max continuous MP to 29.5.

  • Added new LOCPaks offered by AZOutback.

  • Added Bush League Legends logo including world flags from "The Journey" and unmasks the "hidden" A/C registration above the Garmin.

Update 1.6.6 Messed up the loc files and AZOutback was able to figure out the issue. This will help when you have other XCub liveries installed...

Update 1.6.5 Added AZOutback's awesome new landing light effects. Adjusted autopilot response. Autopilot now tracks more gently. Adjusted contact points for main gear to +20/-20cm to stabilize while turning. Prop MOI changed to increase governing speed. Adjust Manifold Pressure indicator. Modified prop governor PIDs.

Update 1.6.4 This is another patch to address slow engine failure over time. You'd likely see a slow drop in fuel flow and prop rpm until failure. This was a result of me changing the detonation_onset which over time would fail the engine. I've fixed this in 1.6.4 and should be a mandatory update for everyone!

Update 1.6.3 is an incremental patch that tweaks the prop governor controls. In some cases you may have seen prop overspeed on takeoff. This should fix that issue. I've also reverted back to some old prop beta angle numbers to see if it alleviates reports of a gradual power loss which ends in engine failure for some users.

Update 1.6.2 Gets even closer with engine performance. You'll be able to hit the advertised speeds from Cub Crafters and notice performance numbers in spec from the manufacturers of the O--360 engine. Fuel burns are based on averaging the numbers from the CC18-180. Also if you want to test your proficiency with stalls and spins the XCub is in a good spot now! Ground handling should also be better.

Update 1.6.1 Is a quick patch to make the new lights work correctly. Thank you to AZOutback for the light mod and making me aware of the error.

Update 1.6 Focuses heavily on engine performance and fuel burns. Other changes such as glide speed, tail castor angle, pitch, yaw and roll stability have also been modified. More notes are included in the download.

Update 1.5 Changed the fuel pump annunciator to an advisory rather than a caution light. Kaosfere has also done some excellent work to implement a new mod specific to the G3X for the XCub. This is a complimentary addon to the XCub PERFORMANCE+ MOD. It can be downloaded below. He is laying the groundwork to make it a more complete experience. Use this update in combination with Working Title GX MOD Alpha 2. Some stall speeds have been modified and panel style and information updated. Engine gauges adjusted to match real world layout.

Update 1.4.3 Changed a flag in the aircraft.cfg file that caused the XCub to load incorrectly in MSFS version 1.9.3. Also corrected a bug that caused the XCub to engine start and takeoff at high speed.

Update 1.4.2 Changes the fuel burn, prop and engine scalars to match closer to real world performance.

Update v1.4

Modified CofG values.

CofG for AUX tank moved to more correct position.

Modified CG forward and aft limits.

Modified station load positions

G limits set to correct numbers

Fixed left and right main tank positions and total fuel. Was inadvertently set to 23GAL rather than 24.5 per tank with 1.5 unusable.

Modified G limits to match real world. Load safety factor remains unchanged.

Changed flap position 3 to 46 degrees from 45

Propeller pitch low end modified to 12.5 from 15

Modified fuel scalar to match more closely with the CC18/CC19

Stall speeds modified.

Changed best angle and best rate of climb.

Modified various surface areas to match the XCub.

Modified Pitch MOI to reduce rollover on ground.

Modified Aircraft length and wingspan to correct values.

Modified bank rate and speed and pitch. Should do more gentle turns. Limited to 20 degrees

Increase brake effectiveness.

Corrected A/C specifications while performance mod is installed.

working title GX v0.1.0

UPDATE: Dev 3 patch now available! Thanks Kaosfere

This is the new Working Title G3X MOD. A HUGE thank you to Kaosfere! We have been working together to make some much needed changes to the XCub systems. Works with XCUB PERFORMANCE+. Keep an eye on Working Title for more updates on future Garmin MODS.

Download v0.1.0 Dev 3


Update v0.1.0 - first public developer release of the Working Title GX MOD.

  • Map menu page with numerous new features:

    • North up, track up, and DTK up options

    • NEXRAD and topo overlays

    • Multiple zoom options including auto-zoom on touchscreen

  • Completely new autopilot control system via touchscreen

  • Completely new menu system supporting independent per-page menus

  • Redesigned PFD with wind data information and CAS system

  • Graphical overhaul: more authentic, less ugly blue gradient

  • Optional simulation of GAP-26 regulated pitot heater

Update Alpha 8 - Adds autopilot control via the touch screen. This is likely the last Alpha release before PreRelease begins later this week.

Update Alpha 7 includes wind indicator with ability to switch between styles. Relocated caution/warning annunciators to main display. Ability to cancel caution/warning by clicking the screen or the back button. Synthetic vision fixed. Button theme colors changed. Pitot heat now automatically turns on and simulates heat up below 7 Celsius! You can select between North Up, Track Up and Heading Up on the map. Select weather and topographic overlays. Increase or decrease range or put in auto mode.

Performance Chart v1.7.8

Get the most out of your XCub by monitoring your fuel burn at altitude. Includes a cruise performance chart for PERFORMANCE+180 and 215 MODs. Also critical weight and V speeds. Download v1.7.8

Update 1.7.8 Updates performance numbers to match v1.7.8 of the XCUB PERFORMANCE+ MOD or higher