Charlie Foxtrot has surprised us with brand new XCub checklists. These are a long sought after addon and we are grateful for his work.

Full Checklist - Download v1.1

Abbreviated Checklist - Download v1.1

XCub Performance+ v1.8.3

Version 1.8.1 of the XCub PERFORMANCE+ MOD was designed to better replicate the performance of the CubCrafters XCub. We are trying to keep it as close to factory specification with the information we can gather from various sources. There are two variants available in 180HP and 215HP versions. Flight model and autopilot has also been refined. There is further functionality added when paired with the Working Title GX MOD found below. Designed by CarbonProp, Lights by AzOutback.

NOTE: The XCUB PERFORMANCE+ MOD includes its own custom lighting MOD. It is not compatible with other light MODs for the XCub. If you wish to host a copy of the XCUB PERFORMANCE+ MOD please contact us prior to upload. Check the file for the email address.

Install instructions.

Open the downloaded zip file and copy the PERFORMANCE+ folder to the "Community" directory. Only one Performance+ MOD at a time!

Download XCub PERFORMANCE+215 HP v1.8.3 (Released March 1, 2021)

NOTE: If you wish to add the long range AUX tank, simply open the flight_model.cfg file. Search for LeftAux. You will see the code required to activate the AUX tank. once changed simply save the file and you're good to go.


Update v1.8.3

1.External view HUD flap indicator fixed.

2.Loading tips spelling error fixed.

3.Removed mach speed references to eliminate speed tape on G3X.

NOTE: 180HP MOD is no longer being developed.


This MOD adds 6 new pilot outfit variations. A first of it's kind. Like action figures for your sim! Brought to you by twoseventyinc. Download v0.1

working title GX v0.1.0 DEV5

UPDATE: Dev 5 patch now available! Thanks Kaosfere

This is the new Working Title G3X MOD. A HUGE thank you to Kaosfere! We have been working together to make some much needed changes to the XCub systems. Works with XCUB PERFORMANCE+. Keep an eye on Working Title for more updates on future Garmin MODS.

Download v0.1.0 Dev 5


Performance Chart v1.7.8

Get the most out of your XCub by monitoring your fuel burn at altitude. Includes a cruise performance chart for PERFORMANCE+180 and 215 MODs. Also critical weight and V speeds. Download v1.7.8

Update 1.7.8 Updates performance numbers to match v1.7.8 of the XCUB PERFORMANCE+ MOD or higher