UK/Ireland scenery

Barra (EGPR)

Barra airport is located on the north tip of the Isle of Barra in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. The airport itself is based within a shallow tidal bay on the island, and is unique in that it is the only airport in the world with scheduled flights from a tidal beach. Opened in 1936 it is frequently serviced by DH Twin Otters, transporting around 10,000 passengers every year to and from the island. Designed by Shepbur. Download v1.3

gruinard beach (EG82)

Gruinard Beach Fictional landing strip on a real Scottish beach, the strip is a little under 500ft long on the sand, with sharp cliffs either end, and a narrow bar of sand you need to land on! Designed by Shepbur. Download v1.1

Update v1.1 Corrects runways details form undefined to sand

Isle of Bute (EGRT)

Bute is an island just west of Glasgow, containing a single small grass strip it is fairly well maintained, with a small access road running to it but no hanger, this is one for stopping off at on the way along the Scottish coastline! Designed by Shepbur. Download v1.0

Isles of scilly

A small archipelago consisting of 145 islands, 5 of which are inhabited, the Scilly Isles is home to a population of just over 2000 people off of Britain's southwest coast. The islands are accessible by boat and air, with a regular air service between St Mary's airport, and St Just at lands end since 1937. Later, in 1964, a second major route was opened up providing helicopter service between St Mary's and Penzance, with further access by air to the 2nd largest island, Tresco commencing in 1983 which sadly stopped services in 2012. More recently, as of 2020, Tresco heliport was re-opened, once again providing direct transport to the island. It is a popular destination for tourists, thanks to it's unusually warm climate and beautiful geology and beaches - often being compared to the likes of the Caribbean thanks to the white sands and sapphire blue waters. Designed by Shepbur. Download v0.7

Lundy (EGZV)

Lundy is a small island found in the middle of the Bristol channel, the island attracts large numbers of tourists due to it's wildlife, becoming Britain's first marine conservation zone. Access to the island is normally by boat, however there is a small 450m runway on the island near the old lighthouse which is serviced by helicopters in the winter. Designed by Shepbur. Download v1.0

Wick - (EGPC)

Wick is Britain's most northerly mainland airport, just a 20 minute car journey from John O' Groats, it acts as a small stopover airport to service the Orkney and Shetland Islands. In addition it is frequently used to service North Sea oil rigs and a final place for pilots to stretch their legs before the long journey to the US via Iceland. Designed by Shepbur. Download v1.2.1

Update V1.2.1 fixes a hangar that appeared in the middle of the airfield.