For 35 years, CubCrafters has been in the business of advancing the classic Piper Super Cub, legendary for its bush flying and off airport performance. While our engineering has further improved STOL performance, we have also focused on improving every aspect that makes the Super Cub platform uniquely capable. The result is a range of modern adventure aircraft that are designed and engineered for backcountry flying. Pilots are rewarded with not only STOL performance, but also remarkable flight characteristics, uncommon comfort & ergonomics, unmatched range, and class-defining utility.

Worlds finest tugs

Makers of fully electric, computer optimized airplane and heli tugs. Industrial hardware, coupled with state-of-the-art software, makes moving your plane simple and easy. A revolutionary way to move planes. A beautifully engineered product that your plane deserves.

COmmitTed to your BRAND

As ambassadors of our sponsors we endeavor to represent you with the respect you deserve for products we believe in. Our sponsors have graciously offered our team items that will be distributed to viewers of "The Journey" as a thank you for being part of this epic adventure. Thank you again to those of you who put your trust in us.